Home news Jane Austen Centre is given £50,000 engraving on £5 note

Jane Austen Centre is given £50,000 engraving on £5 note


A museum dedicated to Jane Austen has been presented with a £5 note featuring a tiny 5mm portrait of the author worth £50,000.Micro-artist Graham Short engraved five notes and put four in circulation sparking a hunt for the valuable notes.The first was spent by Mr Short in a cafe in Wales in 2016 and found soon after. Each is now worth about £50,000.The fifth was given to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath which intends to put it on display.Mr Short presented the £5 in person to the Jane Austen Centre following a minute’s silence to mark the bicentenary of her death.Three of the four notes have been found since they were put into circulation.One, spent in Scotland, turned up in a Christmas card while another was donated to a good cause by a kind-hearted pensioner. The fourth £5 note, spent in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, is still missing.The serial numbers and quotations on the five £5 notes start AM32 885551 to 885554.
Source: BBC Somerset