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James Bond auction fetches £112,000


A harpoon gun, clapper board and Sir Roger Moore’s director’s chair are among hundreds of James Bond items to have sold for £112,000 in total.The on-screen props and chair were among the 500-piece collection from an anonymous seller from Somerset.The man was “downsizing” and could not keep it, Aston’s Auctioneers said.A Walther handgun prop used in the 2006 Casino Royale film with a clapper board fetched £4,300, more than three times the estimate of up to £1,200.The Sir Roger chair – thought to have been used in the star’s office at Pinewood Studios – featured signatures from various colleagues including Goldfinger’s Honor Blackman, The Man With The Golden Gun’s Britt Ekland and Maud Adams, who also appeared in that film and played Octopussy nine years later.It sold for £2,300 at the auction in Dudley, after having an estimate of up to £700.A harpoon gun from Timothy Dalton’s Licence to Kill in 1989 had an estimate of up to £800, but went for double that at £1,800.

The auctioneers said it was “the biggest, best result” it had had from a single seller’s collection in the company’s 12 years of operating.Owner Chris Aston said: “[The seller] can’t keep the collection any more. “He’s stopped adding to the collection for a few years and the appeal is the actual act of the collecting in the first place, rather than just outright ownership [of it].”Mr Aston also said the items were “a fair spread” of different Bond film eras.
Source: BBC Somerset